Sunday, 1 December 2013

End of November Haul

Hi peeps !
I just came back from my grandparent's house. Huh ! I'm tired. T_T But, I still enjoyed it. I went shopping alone & I have a lot of fund fun.
There were PC Fair in 1 Borneo (29 November - 1 December). We went there on the first & second day. We only bought a printer. It's kinda cheap (RM 99).
I walked alone. I don't really feel like following my mum that day. So, here's the thing that I bought.

I love shopping ! xD
Bag. 2 in 1. It can be a sling bag & hand bag. Love it !
Not too small & not too big. It have many space too.

Cute socks for my penpals. I haven't reply their letters. Sorry pals ! T_T

I went to The Face Shop (I thought it was The Body Shop.-_-) FYI, The Face Shop is a brand from Korea. I bought a mask & Gradation Art Nails.

The Face Shop.. I'll come back ! The staff is very friendly. ^_^

I went to Watsons & Guardian too. For some reasons I love both of this shop. They're kinda the same. xD
Lucido Hair Jelly(RM15.90) & Nose pore strips(RM9.90) from Watsons.
Garnier Mask(RM 5.90) & Lip Balm(RM6.90) from Guardian.

Bracelet(RM7.00) from Black Queen)
Nose pore strips(RM5.00) from Daiso.
D.I.Y crystal puzzle-Eiffel tower.

Cindy's Bracelet from MILIMEWA.
Love the bracelet with Eiffel Tower.

Nowadays, I fell in love with bracelet. I love collecting them. :3 Have I become girl-ier? xD I'll do review on some of the product that I purchase. Do check it out. =)
That's it. Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment. ^__^

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