Friday, 20 December 2013


Playing with my Archie. ;)
Hey beautiful :3.
I should've post this few days ago. T_T
Last Sunday, Rona & I went shopping. Well, let just say it was a mini shopping. xD We've plan this 2 weeks before. We need to save up to go shopping.
These are the things that I bought.

I don't bought a lot of things because I want to spent my money in Watson & Guardian.
I hope these 2 shops are in our town. :(

Eyelid tape. I have monolid eyes. So, sometimes I will need this.
White: RM 1.90 for 240 pair
Black: RM 1.80 for 79 pair
Very cheap, right?

From AVON. Not really a fan of AVON product.
Holiday Delight Lip Balm (Cherry)-RM 6.80 (Promotion price-RM 4.00)
Simply Pretty Long Lash Waterproof Mascara-RM 14.85
Simply Pretty Metallic Liquid Eye Liner- I don't remember the price.
I bought the Mascara & Eye Liner for RM 18.00. Promotion !
I love holiday season. There will be a lot of promotion. ^__^

 Syampoo-RM 8.50
Promotion again...

Bracelet-RM 3.50
I love the shoe on it. :)

Lastly, nail color.
The pink & nude one are RM 2.80 each. But, RM 10 for 4. So, Rona bought 2 & I bought 2.
The other 2 cost me RM 2.50.
I don't really like to spent my money on expensive nail product. >.<

So, that's all. Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment. Bye ! Mmmmuuuaahh !

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