Monday, 2 December 2013


Hi lovelies !
It's extremely hot here. I wish I'm at a swimming pool.. enjoying a glass of cold lemon juice.. xD This hot weather is killing me !
Forget about it. Nowadays, I'm obsess with denim vest. It looks very fashionable. But, I wouldn't wear it here. The hot weather is preventing me from wearing it. T_T
Okay, let me share with you some of the photo that I took from Google. I love most of it. Someday, I'm going to wear this denim vest. Maybe on rainy day.

I really like the way she wear the denim vest with a dress and a pair of converse shoe. It doesn't look too girly.
This looks cute on her. I love how the denim vest is longer than her short. It's very cute.
Denim vest + floral skirt=gorgeous !

The floral skirt really go well with the top & the denim vest.

This outfit really caught my eyes. This is my favorite among all. She's really fashionable !

This one is beautiful too. I love the a-bit-oversized-top.

This is gorgeous ! It look casual.

I'm not sure if this is a boy or a girl. But, the outfit is kinda unisex.
So, it can be worn by a male or female.

Should I buy a denim vest now? This pretty girl is making me jealous. OMG ! She looks great in this outfit !

For some reasons, she looks sexy & cool in this outfit. :3
Love it !

This is also my favorite. I'm going to wear like this someday. ^-^

This outfit really go well together. Gorgeous !

That are the photos that I found in Google. I love all if it.
Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment. Bye ! Mmmuuuaahhh !

I do not own the photos. 
Credit to the fashionable owner. ^-^

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