Tuesday, 24 December 2013


My wishlist.. ;)

Hello pretty,
It's Christmas Eve ! Tomorrow will be Christmas. Are you excited? Well, I'm just going to stay at home & relaxing. What about you? What's your plan?
This will be a short update about my wishlist for Christmas. So, I hope it's not too late to post about my Christmas wishlist. ^-^
My wish for Christmas are:
1. H&M Wedges.
2. David Archuleta's Book - Chord of Strength
3.Wedges Sneaker
4. Avril Lavigne's Perfume - Forbidden Rose
5. Instax Mini 7s Panda
6. CANON 55-250mm Lense

That's all. I wish Santa will send me these things on Christmas Day. :D
What's your wish for Christmas? Do leave your comment. Thank you for reading. ^_____^

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