Friday, 10 January 2014


Finally ! Got the chance to update my blog again. :D 
School have just started. But, the teachers gave us tons of homework. T_T Well, it's my final year. So, I won't complaint. :3 I'm going to enjoy it, while getting ready for my big, big exam this November.
Back to the topic. >.< I've cleaned my room & my closet few weeks ago. I found many of my old clothes. That's how I decided to do the match & wear post.
There will be 3 outfits in this post. Lets take a look. ;)


This is the first outfit. *ignore my big leg. :3* The shirt is kinda long. So, I tuck it in & wear a white belt as an accessories. 
I tried to match it with sneaker & heel. Even though, I just change the shoe, but you can see a different.