Thursday, 28 November 2013


Hi lovelies !Onion Head Emoticons 16
Wazzuupp..?Onion Head Emoticons 25  Spending my time to update my blog. So, today I'm going to talk about photographing & camera.
Since I was a little girl, I have a huge passion towards photographing. Whenever I hold a camera, my heart will be pounding so hard. *like seeing my crush*. That time my dream was to own my own camera.
Last year, I face my big exam (PMR). I work very hard for it. Because, if I get a good result, I'll get reward from my parent.
I did it. I got straight A's for that exam. I was very happy. In the end of May (this year), my mum bought a DSLR camera for me (CANON EOS 650D). It was like a dream come true for me. I was extremely happy !Onion Head Emoticons 36 I called my camera Archie. :3

My Archie & me !

Okay, lets stop about that. I was searching about photographing just now. I found a quote that is quite interesting.
This is the quotes.
Yep, a camera doesn't make you a photographer. Now, I feel hopeless. Onion Head Emoticons 28 Kidding ! I used to be happy whenever people' called me a photographer. But, this quote made me realized. I'm not a photographer ! I'm just a girl with a camera !Onion Head Emoticons 17

I'll be a photographer !
Someday, I'll be a photographer. I'll work hard for it. Even though, it's just my passion. I'll be a world's top photographer (maybe).Onion Head Emoticons 37 I'll be the photographer for my friends' wedding.Onion Head Emoticons 39Yes, I will !

Yep, that's right !
Looks like my Archie.

My Archie's twin. :P

I want to have this in my room someday. :)

Cute camera. ;)
Pink ! Not really a fan of pink.

That's it ! Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment.Onion Head Emoticons 33

P/S: Most of the photos doesn't belong to me. Credit to the owner.Onion Head Emoticons 34

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