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So, what's up? Well, I just came back from my class trip (4 days ago. 1-3 NOVEMBER 2013). It was an awesome trip. I have a great time. I really enjoyed it.
There were 16 of us. ( 3 teachers, 10 ladies & 3 gentlemen. xD). We wen to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days & 2 nights. We supposed to go for 4 days & 3 nights. We have collected the money. But then, another teachers
took our money. We need to go to the talk to get the money, but that "smart teacher" easily took it.Onion Head Emoticons 45 She was the one who disallow us to join the talk & she was the one who took our money for her beloved student. Thanks to her ! Salluutteee !Onion Head Emoticons 15
Lets just forget about it. I won't disrespect her because she is my teacher. Now, I'm going to show you what did I bought.Onion Head Emoticons 48

Us ! B) Before we leave to the airport. Bye, Julie ! :P

So, these are the things that I bought. :D

Actually, we don't have enough time for shopping. We only managed to go to 2 shopping mall. That is Pavilion & Sungei Wang. I like Sungei Wang better. The things there is cheaper. But, if you want something branded, you should go to Pavilion.

 Bags ! RM 25 each.
I bought 2 bags. 1 for my mum & the other for myself. I don't know what to buy for my mum. So, I just bought a bag for her. She have been complaining about her bag lately. So, I bought a bag for her. Luckily, she like it. She wore it during the family day in her workplace. I bought a backpack for myself too.Onion Head Emoticons 47
I really need one.

This is for my dad. His size is L & I bought XL. xD

For my lil bro but I didn't give him yet. This way, he'll be kinder to me.

Doraemon shirt. ^_^ RM 5. Very cheap, right.
When we went back to Bukit Bintang, I saw a shop sell the same shirt.
I think it's more expensive there.

Most of the things that I bought at Pavilion is food. We ate there too. I love to go to Tokyo Street. I feel like I'm in Japan.Onion Head Emoticons 35
I'm falling in love with Planet Popcorn. The sold popcorn with many kind of flavor. Suddenly I remembered something. All of the popcorn have their own name.
Ms.Jessie: What do you want?
Me: Ms. Mel Mel (caramel)
Ms. Jessie was ordering the popcorn.
Ms. Jessie: One Ms. MelMel & one caramel please.
Planet Popcorn staff: Huh ! o.O Ms. MelMel & caramel is the same mah.
Ms. Jessie: *look at me* You arh Gwen. -_-
Me: *laugh* I like the name. It's cute wo.
We keep laughing after that. Poor Ms. Jessie.Onion Head Emoticons 14

My first planet popcorn. Ms. MelMel. Nyummyyy.

These are my popcorn. The orange one is for free. Because I bought 5 popcorns.
I have the member card too. ^_^
Another 1 bucket of popcorn is with Rona @ Adie.
I like RUSCO too. It was in front of Planet Popcorn. I only bought green tea flavor.
It was RM 18.
 I bought many things for myself too. I didn't managed to buy anything for my big bro since he is a bit choosy. I still want to shop. But, I don't have the time.Onion Head Emoticons 12 Nevermind.Onion Head Emoticons 15
I love shopping ! Onion Head Emoticons 31 Ms. Audrey said I'll be the future shopaholic. I need to work hard. So, I'll have the money to shop. xD

Bought these at Watsons, Pavilion. The mask is RM 5.90 for 4.
On the first night, we decided to wear mask. So, Syamimi, Asdeenna, Rona, Grail & I bought this mask. I remember something again. Asdeenna @ Ating was using the black mask. She looks funny. I was going to enter our room that is near the bathroom. I heard Ating was asking Erickal to open the bathroom because, she wants to wash her hand. So, Erickal open the door & Ating excitedly entered the bathroom. Suddenly, she fell down. My laugh automatically burst out.Onion Head Emoticons 14 Can you imagine when someone with a black mask + excited face fell down? It looks like she was excited to fall down. Erickal was also laughing. I just ran back to our room & laugh. I can't stop laughing that night. Now, I feel bad for her. 

I bought a wallet too. Actually, I want to give it to my mum. She like red.
But, I don't have a wallet (only the Hello Kitty wallet). So, I take it. This wallet is only RM10.

Bought 2 dresses too. The price is RM39.  But, it have 50% discount.
So, it's only RM 19.50 for one. I bought 2 colours.

That's it. I miss our trip.Onion Head Emoticons 28 I planned to travel alone when I finish my secondary school(next year). So, I'm saving money now. We are planning to go for a trip next year too. Maybe, to Singapore.


Can you see my excoted face? >.<
I received a letter from my pal, Kim JiYeon. I was very happy. I love the Doraemon pouch that she gave me. It's so cute. Thank you JiYeon.Onion Head Emoticons 34
Thank you for reading. I'll update about our trip soon. Bye !Onion Head Emoticons 33
Do leave your comment. So, I can visit your blog.Onion Head Emoticons 39

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