Friday, 15 November 2013


Hi beautiful people !Yokie Emoticons 17
Enjoying my holidays while making my body chubbier.Yokie Emoticons 10 Holidays is my time to eat & eat. I should exercise more. Otherwise no dress will fit me for Christmas. NNNOOOOOOOOOO ! Yokie Emoticons 22 I want to wear beautiful dress during Christmas. I've been talking about slimming down since January. But, I never work for it. Should motivate myself to slim down. Try to work for it again.
Okay, lets go back to the main part.Yokie Emoticons 15 Why so serious?.. xD I should've post about this OOTD last weekend. But, I'm too asdfghjkl... LAZY !
The outfit that I wore last weekend is a nude color casual dress with my favorite shoe & my new backpack.
I bought the dress & the backpack in Sungei Wang. I forgot the name of the shop. I bought the shoe in DOSS shoe centre.

So, yea. This was the outfit that I wore. It was comfortable & it's easier for me to move.

Oh, I've cut my hair. No more ponytails.
My teachers said I look younger & it's nice. *blushing* xD

Feel like a little girl again. :D

Back view.
  I don't recommend you to use back pack. It's a bit dangerous.
Nowadays, there're many pickpockets out there.
Be careful ladies !

My bag & my shoe. ^-^

That's it. Thank you for reading.Yokie Emoticons 34
My parents are planning for a trip for this year end school holidays. I'm very excited.Yokie Emoticons 23

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