Friday, 22 November 2013


Hi peeps !Onion Head Emoticons 16
Finally, I'm going to update about our trip. Oo yea !
Well, there's nothing interesting on the first day. Be ready with the picspam. Onion Head Emoticons 29 Our beautiful face might kill you.Onion Head Emoticons 14

Before we leave to the airport. Took some photo with grandma Julie. xD

On the plane. I sat beside Grace. We were excited. :3
I love the view from the plane. The stewardess were friendly & pretty.
Mdm. Botthe, Grailher & Alleyrikah. :3 Syamimi sat in front of Alleyrikah.

Air Asia. Now everyone can fly. Hope to be one of the crew of Air Asia. ^-^
Blue.. Blue sky..
Can you see it..? xD Everything looks like a toy.
Grace with her beautiful smile.. I was supposed to focus on Mdm. Botthe.. T_T
Grail & Alley..

Mdm. Botthe, Syamimi, Grail, Grace, Alley & me was the first group. Our flight was on 12.30 p.m. & the second group was on 2.30 p.m. I don't know why we fly earlier. We landed at LCCT on time (I think so..) We supposed to land earlier. But, there're many plane landed that time. So we were on the sky for about 20-30 minutes. Mdm. Botthe complaint about it.But, I like it.Onion Head Emoticons 35 I really enjoy the view from the sky. Thanks to the pilot. xD Oh, I bought a small plane too. It cost me RM 45.

Finally.. We arrived at LCCT. Ignore our hair. xD We were tired & excited.

Us ! Still have the energy to smile. :)

Ice cream ! Grace's & mine. The flavor is blueberry. Forgot the name. -_-
We went to McD while waiting for the second group. There were many peoples at McD. I keep looking at the peoples at the airport. Most of the girls are fashionable. I saw many beautiful shoes.

Eating our ice cream before the main food. xD

Grace & the ice cream.

The second group arrived earlier than we expect. We straight away wait for the shuttle bus. I saw a rude taxi driver while waiting for the bus. Pity of the Indonesian tourist. We need to push each other to ride the bus too. Most of the time, we need to push each other.Onion Head Emoticons 15

We need to walk to our hotel. It was tiring. I feel like I'm in a marathon. We walk while carrying our bag. Huh ! It's extremely tiring ! 
We stayed in Farenheit Suites(Room 165). Near Pavilion.

Ta-da ! Tired faces. >.<

Tired & excited..

Smiling. ^-^

We put our things in our room & change our shoe (we wear slipper that night). After that, we went to Pavilion to eat. We eat in Food Republic. I ordered Korean food (non-spicy.....I forgot the name). I've been wanting to try Korean food since ages.Onion Head Emoticons 36

Then, We walked around. I only bought things in Watson. Most of the girls buy novels & mask. We bought buns & drinks for breakfast too. We go back to the hotel & wash up.
Pity of the 3 boys. The wash up at midnight.Onion Head Emoticons 14

All of the girls in my room wear mask that night.Onion Head Emoticons 23

That's it. Will post about part 2 soon ! Thank you for reading..Onion Head Emoticons 33

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