Friday, 4 October 2013

OOTD: Lady in Blue

Walk in faith. ;) 
Hi guys !Yokie Emoticons 17
How are you? 
Next week, my exam will start & I'm here updating my blog. Good girl, Gwen!Yokie Emoticons 29
So, I'm going to show you the outfit that I wore few days ago. It was simple yet comfortable. The most important thing is I look like a lady in it.Yokie Emoticons 9Kidding!
The theme is navy blue & it's not too casual.

Ta-da! This is it. Wow! Handbag! xD

Getting ready !
I don't remember where did I buy it. I just match & wear it.Yokie Emoticons 6

Oh, I forgot to show the shoe a.k.a wedges. I love the shoe. I bought it last month.
The things is, this outfit doesn't make me feel stuffy & it makes me easier to move.Yokie Emoticons 13

Look at my hair. >.< It's dying! I'm going to cut it soon. T_T

This casual dress have a big pocket. ^.^ 

Ignore my messy beautiful hair..

Really love this shoe. 

Shoe & Bag. Both of these are enough to make you look feminine. xD
That's it ! Thank you for readding.
Do leave your comment & suggestion.Yokie Emoticons 46
Bye !

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