Saturday, 7 September 2013


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Me.. :3 Getting ready..

Hi peeps !

I decided to update my blog again. I'm going to post about the outfit that I wear today. 
It was a hot day. So, I need something that is loose & doesn't make me feel stuffy. Well, it must be something that is comfortable.
I took some photos of my outfit & me. Yokie Emoticons 17 Take a look.

Ta-da ! xD This is what I wear.

Making face.. T_T

Ignore my messy hair. -_- I prefer sling bag than handbag.
I love big bag to put all of my stuff and some rubbish. xD

This bag make me looks more girly.. ^_^
asdfghjkl ! Are you kidding me ?!

Omg ! Look at that big legs ! T_T

Showing off my top.. :3

Need to exercise...

That's it.Thank you for reading. Do leave your comment. Bye !

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