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Now I know how to make your cat looks cute. xD But, I still don't like cat. =,="
Hi Pretty !Onion Head Emoticons 16
Last Friday, was my lucky unlucky day. Hahaha ! I call it lucky unlucky day, because I was having the worst day at school. Then, when I came home, something was there, waiting for me.Onion Head Emoticons 36 It really cheer me up !

Ta-da !!
When I came home, with a 10 cent face, suddenly my mum gave me this parcel. Yayyyy ! Onion Head Emoticons 31 I feel like jumping that time. I forget bout what happen to me at school. I'M SOOO HAPPY !!!!!!
The parcel is from my pals, Kim JiYeon. She's from Korea. Thank you JiYeon.Onion Head Emoticons 39

She's very creative. She even decorate the seal. :D

Inside.. So much cuteness. xD
I love snail mailing more than e-mail, Facebook, etc.. You know what, a simple letter can make you happier than opening a message on Facebook. Don't believe it? Then try it. xD You'll get so much fun. It's exciting ! You can see many kind of handwriting.

I really like Korean culture. They're so polite in every aspect. They have their own polite way to give money. :D

I'm collecting money from other country.

JiYeon sent me many cute stickers. She even sent me Doraemon stickers. Love it !Onion Head Emoticons 42

PORORO ! JiYeon said Pororo is also known as "Children's President" in Korea.
This little penguin is so cute.
This memo pad is so cute. I'll never use it.

Cute hairband. I'll never use this too. =,=
She wrote the letter in colorful papers.
 I asked my mum to help me to send some letter. When she came back, she bought bring another parcel. It's from my Indonesian pals, Ivany. She send me a gift for my birthday.

Ta-daaa !!! >.<

This must cost her a lot. I love it. It has a sound. It's like a music box.
 Yesterday, mum, dad, lil bro & me went to Kota Kinabalu to visit my sick aunty. She has been staying at the ward for a week. Hope, she'll get well soon.

When we were at the hospital, only a person can go inside. So, my mum go inside & I waited for her outside. Suddenly, a security came & talked to me. He asked me my age. When I said that I'm 16, he said that I look like a 13 years old girl. And I was likeOnion Head Emoticons 18.. Hahaha ! Is that an insult or a compliment? xD

After visiting my aunty, we went shopping. There were sale at the shopping malls. But, I end up buying 3 shirtsOnion Head Emoticons 15. I was going to buy a shoe. But then, when I try it, it doesn't look beautiful at all.

This is what I bought yesterday. ^_^

Found this cute stationary. DORAEMON ! I'm a big fan of Doraemon. It's only RM 1.50.

I went to a stationary shop(I forgot the name of the shop) yesterday. There're many cute stuff there.
Doraemon, Hello Kitty, etc.. They have it there. :D The thing that I really like is, the use paper instead of plastic. I'll go there again. 

Skipping rope.. >.< I'm going to exercise now. To be healthy & slimmer. xD

For my craft. These button only cost me RM 1.00.
The shirt that I bought. Pink ! I never had a pink shirt.

Grammar error. xD Am I a grammar geek.

Orange ! Love the owl.

Yayyy ! I have a slipper. xD Another pink slipper. :D I hope no one will steal it again.

 Weeks ago was my 16th birthday. Sweet 16 dear Gwen. Onion Head Emoticons 34 Yayyy ! I'm officially 16 ! Hahahaha ! Well, we didn't really celebrated it. NO PARTY ! Onion Head Emoticons 37 We only go to Pizza hut & have window shopping. I didn't manage to snap many photo.

My spaghetti. Nyummm..nyumm... It's delicious !

I bought a pretzel. It taste awesome. Especially the one with chocolate.
You should try it. The shop is located in front of Giant Hypermarket in 1 Borneo.

My 2 awesome friends, Rona( & Julie( gave me a present for my birthday. Thank you, b*tches. xDOnion Head Emoticons 14
They're single & they need a boyfriend. xD kidding !
Don't forget to visit their blog.

Julie, you looks like our 'kakak(sister)'. Hahahaha ! :P

This is from Rona. ^__^

I couldn't take a proper pictures. T__T Maaf ya. xD

This bow is from Julie. Polka dot. ^_^

Can you see the Chromosome? Hahaha ! I study hard, right? xD
Biology, you're killing me.. T__T

That's it. Thank you for reading.Onion Head Emoticons 34Will be having test this week. Wish me luck ! ;) Wanna discover new blog after my test. Don't forget to leave your blog link. Bye !Onion Head Emoticons 33

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