Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hi lovelies ! 
Updating my blog before doing my homework. kekeke. Physic..Physic.. You're killing me..
Last week, I forgot to bring my homework. Because of that, my teacher caned my hand. Pity of me.imageYea, I know. It's my fault. Hahahaha ! (❁ ◠ ﹏ ◠) Forgive me, sir. image
So, let just forget about it & think about something that makes you happy.Cheer up !image

Having fun with my buddies during sport's day.

 Lately, I've been in love with shoe. Well, I've been a fan of shoe since ages. Shoe come to mama.  Today, I'm going to show you my shoes collection. I don't have many collection. Day by day, I'll grow my collection. Muahahahahahaha !

The mature me. xD No eyes. Happy with my new shoe a.k.a heel.
So, let me show you my shoes. 

These are all of my shoes. I only have 13 pairs of shoes. It's not enough. I need more ! xD

Every shoe has it own story.

The newest. :D Fell in love with it in the first sight. 

Vintage ! I love vintage !

Bought this heel on March 2013 for my cousin's wedding.

A simple wedges.

I only wore it once.

My mum bought it for me last week. It's a weird sandal. Don't know how to wear  it. Any  suggestion ?

Looks worn out. I wear this a lot. Actually, this wedges look nice before my friend borrowed it for her hostel's dinner. I'll never let her borrow my shoe again. She don't know how to take care of others belonging. It really broke my heart. T__T Annoying girl !

Shoe for school. :)

I wore this a lot to school. ;)

 Love this shoe..

I never wear this. Don't know how to wear this. Love this shoe ! Any suggestion ? Help me please..

My elder bro bought it for me..

This is my favourite. It's really comfortable & makes me looks taller. kekekekeke.

So, that's it. I'll collect money to buy more shoes. Onion Head Emoticons 48 I'll work hardOnion Head Emoticons 22 to be rich & buy a lot of shoes & camera thingy.
Bye !Onion Head Emoticons 33 See you next time. Thank you for reading.

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I've updated it.Onion Head Emoticons 23