Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser Review

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So, today I decided to escape from school for a day.  Well, school is very tiring, nowadays. It's killing me !Onion Head Emoticons 38 Upper form is totally different from lower form. Especially, when you're in Science's class.

I've been very lazy this few weeks.*you lazy head !* Feel sleepy in class & it's hard to focus. *hit myself*
 Today, I need to heal myself from my laziness. And I promiseOnion Head Emoticons 1 to myself that I'll be a hardworking student after today. NO MORE LAZINESS !!!image

Back to the topic. A teenage year is a tough year. Especially for your skin. You'll experience oily skin, blackhead & much more. I'm experiencing it now.image
You need to choose the right skin product for yourself.  I'm trying to help the other teens with this review.

I have severe blackhead problem. It really get into my nerve. Well, you know, having black dot on your nose. It's kinda embarassing & it makes you lose your confident.
I don't know how to rotate this photo. Blogger rotate it automatically. So, this is how I look with blackheads on my nose. T__T
Month ago, I decided to try new face cleanser. Since I have problem with blackheads + oily skin, I chose CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser. It cost me RM 10.50 for 100 g. This cleanser last for more than a month. It's affordable for a teen.

New skin buddy. ;)
Apple beads formula that will reduce blackheads.
It won't clog pores.
It says: CLEAN & CLEAR deep action daily pore cleanser. This unique cleanser works two ways to break the  blackhead cycle, for clearer skin: Apple fruit-acid formula with gentle micro-scrubbing beads work deep down to unclog pores & remove blackheads; PureRice technology controls oil, to help prevent new blackheads from forming. Leaves your skin clean clear & smooth.


What I like...Onion Head Emoticons 31

1. It remove my blackhead in less than a month.
2. The blackhead won't come back to me.image
3. It makes my skin less oily. Yayyyy !image

Chubby hand. xD This cleanser is less dense.

What I don't like...(maybe I expected to much)Onion Head Emoticons 15

1. It only remove blackheads. I expected it will remove my whiteheads as well.image
2. It doesn't makes my skin smooth.
3. This cleanser do not makes me feel fresh. 


I like the FOLLOW ME face cleanser more. xD

I say...Onion Head Emoticons 23

 I suggested you to buy this cleanser if you want to reduce blackheads & oily skin. This product really suit teen's skin.

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