Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Hi peeps ! ;)
So, it's JULY ! Tomorrow will be my love birthday (4th JULY). xD Okay. Just stop it, Gwen ! Hahaha !
I've been in love with PHOTOGRAPHING since I was young. My love towards photographing is getting bigger and bigger. :) You know what, I love my ARCHIE (CANON EOS 650) more than anything else. But for sure it's lesser than my love towards my family. ^_^
I'm just a beginner in this field. You'll know it when you see the photo that I took. But, it's never too late to learn, right ?
Few weeks ago, I tried my skill in photographing. My aunty was my model. xD She's very photogenic. :D Actually, I snap a lot of photo. But, only a few came out to be nice. Hahahahaha !

Just started. :D

My aunty & her mom.

This is better.

Smile... ;)
I always play with my Archie. :) It really make me calm. And it feels awesome to play with it. xD
Here's some other photo that I took.



Little bro. ;)

Bro & me..


That's all. Thank you for reading. Oh, don't forget to visit my D.I.Y's blog @ gwensdiy47. I'll be posting new DIY this weekends.

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