Friday, 7 June 2013


Hi guys !
Oh my.. 2 days left then back to school. T__T I need more holidays. Nevermind, forget about it.
Today, I feel like updating my blog. Hohoho. It's been a while.

Just now, I log in to my facebook & I saw many inspirational quotes. It really motivate me. Let me share it with you. I hope it'll inspire you too.
Your dream is priceless..
Don't expect other to save you..

Are you ready to change?

That's me.. :')
When I feel like giving up, I like to read motivational quotes. It really give me strength. Oh, I have some people who inspire me too. One of it is KAILA. She's a blogger from Philipines & now she's living in Japan. Visit her blog @ RAINBOWHOLIC. There're many cute photos on her blog.

She face many obstacles before going to Japan. She work hard to achieve her dream. You'll know it if you read her stories in her blog. Her stories always motivate me to catch my dream. :') THANKS KAILA !

Last week, I got my camera. It's Canon EOS 650. I have been dreaming of it for ages. Lastly, I get it. Yayyyy ! 
So, these are some of the photo that I took. I'm still learning on how to snap a nice shot. xD I'm working on it. ^__^
Yes, that's you..

Inspiration: David Archuleta, My love.
This is Tagalog word means "I am here"
Love this songs. 

Girls, women, Ladies..

Yep.. ;)

I will. :)

Archie's song. ^__^

Playing with my Archie (camera). 

That's it. Someday, I want to be someone who will motivate others.
Bye.. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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