Sunday, 4 August 2013


The weirdo is back ! muahahahaha !
Hollaaa, peeps !
The lazy Gwen is back.Onion Head Emoticons 29Hahahahaha ! Long time no update. Onion Head Emoticons 30My blog is full of dust. Huhuhu.. Been busy with school. Finally, 2 weeks holidays ! Yayyy !

I've been in dilemma. I don't know whether I should join the Jamboree or not. It'll be on 12th until 17th of August. Anyone will be joining it? So, I decided to join it. Because, it's my dream to join the Jamboree since ages. I shouldn't let go of this chance.Onion Head Emoticons 36I'm very excited. Will show you the photo. 

Okay, forget about it. Weeks ago, I bought a 2 in 1 skirt. I really love it. It has the vintage look & floral print. I love flower.Onion Head Emoticons 4 Let me show you the skirt.

Ta-da ! I look like a woman from the 80's. xD I'm so girly ! Hahahaha !
I accidentally snap a photo of my hair. I dyed my hair last year & the dye is still there.
Luckily, my teachers didn't realize. xD

With my floral crown. I made it myself. You can really see it.
Will do the tutorial. 

Skirt into dress. Love it ! Wearing my mom's baby coats.

Weird pose. T_T

Princess Gwen. xD

 So, I make a skirt last Saturday. Since we don't have sewing machine, I sew it by hand. It's tiring. Onion Head Emoticons 40By the way, it's kinda easy.

This is the skirt. ^_^

Another weird pose. =,= Should I do the DIY on this?

I have my free times now. I do a lot of things.Onion Head Emoticons 35I decorated my bag too. It looks dull. So, I add some cuteness onto it.

It took me 30 minutes. T_T

I love honey. Onion Head Emoticons 32This is my favorite drink. Yummyy ! This drink is very easy to make. You only need a glass of water, 2 tbsp of honey & some lime juice. Mix it together & you're done !
The lion is given by my Additional Mathematics' teacher. Thank you, sir !

I'm in my diet right now. I've gain a lot of weight. So, taking my breakfast is a must ! This is my breakfast for today.
Hot chocolate without sugar. ^_^ I don't like sugar . I hate sugar. xD
I love my pink bunny glass.

Whole grains bread + Honey. Nyummm !

Kiwi !

Healthy meal !

That's it for now. Bye ! Thank you for reading.Onion Head Emoticons 39

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