Wednesday, 31 December 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! ( Bye 2014 & Hello 2015)

Hello guys !
It has been a very long time since I updated my blog. I've been abandoned it. I'm very, very sorry. I was very busy with my studies last year; SPM is very important to most of the student in Malaysia. But now, I'm free ! Sexy, free & single. xD But, I'm taking my driving license now. So, I'm not so free. 😰😰😰 I'll try to update my blog as frequently as possible. More reviews are coming. 😊😊😊

Okay, enough with the intro. 😅😅😅 "New year, new me" that is what everyone say when new year comes. So, what's your goal for 2015? For me, my goal is always the same every year- that is to be a better person than I was in the previous year + I want to grow taller. xD Well, I won't stop wishing to grow taller even though, I will not grow anymore. 😆😆😆
These are some of my new year resolution..😉😉😉

I'm working out to get a flat tummy too. So, I can tuck in my top beautifully. xD Do you have any tips on how to make your tummy flat? I'll work very hard to get it. 🙆🙆🙆 

Yep. It' s a new chapter of life ! I'm going to make it better than last year.

A new year means a new chance to make a success of your life. You need to grab it so you'll not regret anything. Be wise & grab it ! I'm very excited to start my adventure in 2015. It might be tougher for me since I'm entering the 18-years-old's life. More challenge to face. Pheww, I'm going to face it bravely. 

But, before we move foward to 2015, let us rewind the 2014 tragedies (the 'tragedies' word seems more dramatic. lol)
Lot of things happen to me in 2014; bad & good. I won't write everything here. If I write it here I won't finish till next yeat. xD
Let me start the bad one first. 
  1. I need to be apart from my friends. They are my classmates since I was in form 1. Some of them are my primary school's friends too.
  2. I need to leave my high school life. 😭😭😭 After this I might go to college, etc.. No more small classroom & school uniform.
  3. My grandpa past away on the 20th of December.
  4. A week before SPM I was having stress. It was the first time that I can't control my stress level. I cried a lot that week. I class I talked less & cried while the teachers were teaching. It was the worst stress I ever had.

That was the bad things. Now, for the good things.

  1. My bestfriend talked to me. Now, we are friend again. Well, we fought on 2012. It was the longest fight ever. We started to tease each other & its getting back to the all time. On the last day of school (before SPM), she suddenly hugged me & cry.
  2. I got merit in the National Chemistry Quiz. Well, the quetions was very hard for us. That's why I'm happy even though I only get merit.
  3. I get my smartphone ! Well, I don't want to have it before I finished my examination. Now, I get it & I don't need to worry with anything. xD

I treassure every moment that I get in 2014. No matter how bad it is. Because, it taught me a lot. You should treassure yours too. That's it. Don't forget to check out my review soon. 😊😊😊

P/S: Some of the pictures are not mine. Credit to the owner.

Pp/s: I'm taking driving license now. Wish me luck !

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