Saturday, 8 March 2014


Hi peeps !
It has been a llooooonnggg time. T_T Been busy with school thingy. Homeworks ! My test will be next week. Need to study for it. For now, I'm going to rest for a bit.
Okay, I'm going to do review on IN2IT GEL TINT. I love this product !

It can be use on your lips & on your cheeks. It last for 8 hours.

This is how you apply it.

It comes in 4 flavor.

I bought the Melon flavor. I like the color.

It's very affordable. Especially for a teen like me. ;)
I bought it in WATSON. I think GUARDIAN have it too.
This product have a slight melon fragrant. It is sweet too. XD

Before.. xD *ignore my face. @>@

2.Easy to apply.

1. A bit dry for your lips.

After. xD
I suggested you to apply it with lip balm. So, your lips doesn't feel dry.

Ta-da ! /-\
The second picture is before I blend it.

That's it ! Thank you for reading. :-*

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