Saturday, 15 February 2014


Oh, my. I've abandoned my KL trip post for soooo long. T_T Sorry guys. I forgot to update my blog too. I'm extremely busy with my studies. SPM soon ! -_-

Okay, lets get back to the main point. xD

On the second day, we went to Sunway Lagoon & Sungei Wang.
Edna was the first one to woke up. She wake us up. Our mask was gone that morning. Except for Edna-she wore peel off mask. We took our breakfast before going out. We go out at 8.00 a.m..

Canisius with his girlfriends, Mercy & Asdeenna. xD He's a playboy. *kidding*

The view from the suite. Early in the morning.

Asdeenna is calling her mom.

Miss Jessie, Alley & Edlora is making their drink. Hot chocolate a.k.a MILO. ^-^

Watching TV while breakfast.
Grace & Miss Jessie are enjoying their hot chocolate.

After breakfast, we start our journey to Sunway Lagoon. The uncle who drive the van is very friendly. :D

The boys. They were only 3 of them.

The girls. Mercy was not there.

This is technology. xD

Asdeenna, Syamimi & me.

Grace & me. Small eyes. -_-

Us ! Excited. *_*

Look at Mercy & Canisius. I asked them to point at the side. But.. -_-

Suddenly, Grace has a new friend. @.@
Jumping ! :3
With Miss Audrey & Miss Jessie. Forever young !

Showing off our ticket. :P

Putting our stuff away.

Washing our body. ^-^
Going to the man made beach. >3< 
Excited ! :D Our first destination.
Like a child. ^^
Playing with the water. ;D

We played in the Water Park first. Because, we were scared that it'll rain. We play many activities. My favorite was the Vuvuzela. It was thrilling & fun. I was screaming all the time. >.<

Time flies very fast when we are having fun. T_T It was lunch time. So we grab our lunch at BURGER KING.  Before we go to the Amusement Park, we went to the WATERPLEXX 5D. It was extremely fun..! I was laughing & screaming all the time. You must try it when you go to Sunway Lagoon. ^-^

Waiting excitedly for our turn. ;)

I did't see this perfomance. We were in the Waterplexx 5D. -_-

On our way to Amusement park. ^^

I didn't manage to capture the photos when we were enjoying the water activities. My camera was with Madam Botthe. I think Miss Audrey have it.
So, that's all for day 2, part 1. I'll update the part 2. :D Come back soon..!
Thank you for reading. xoxo

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