Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hi lovelies !
I'm back ! 😅😅 I haven't have the time to do a review for the products that I've purchased. I'll try to do it next week. *Pinky promise*
Today, I'm going to post about a challenge that I do for myself. You're welcome to join me. 😊😊
I'm going to challenge myself to lose some weight & be healthier. It's a 30-days challenge.
People oftenly judge us for being obsessed to have that perfect body figure. But, at the same time, they judge us for having that extra pounds too. Well, women problem. 😥😥
This was me few years ago. If I'm not mistaken I was in form 2 that time.
Why I want to lose weight?
1. I want to be healthier. It's scary to know that someone died because of their eating habit & lifestyle. Well, I've read an article that say many people past away in some country because of the unhealthy lifestyle. The couch potato lifestyle.😨
2. My goal is to be slimmer when I take my SPM's result on March. 😉
3. I want to make the people who called me fat regret what they have said. 
4. And of course, I want to look great in every outfit that I wear. 😆

So, here's what I'm going to do.

I found this squat challenge & I'm really interested in it. It's amazing to feel the pain on your body after exercising. I'm going to do it ! Wish me luck !

I've tried this just now. I love it !
This is what I wrote on my book. My target & my daily diet. No more junk food ! 

That are the things that I'll do. I'll discipline myself. No pain, no gain. Most of all, I want to have flat tummy & slim legs. I must get it ! Yes, you can do it Gwen !

To everyone.. 😊
1. Not taking any food is not the way to lose weight. That'll slow down your body's metabolism & it's bad for yourself. Eating the right & nutritional food is the way + don't forget to exercise. 
2. Don't harm your body. Please.. It's not right. To everyone, please don't judge anyone for having extra pounds. It's very wrong. You're making them depress & it leads to eating disorder. Instead of judging, why don't you motivate them? 
3. Even though, you don't see any changes, keep trying ! 😊 Don't give up !

Thank you for visiting my blog. 😘😘😘

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