Friday, 26 April 2013

FOLLOW ME Oil Control + Whitening Review

Hi Peeps !
Hohoho. Updating my blog before start doing all my school task. Argh ! Just think about it, make me cry. T__T  Wish to rest for a year. Well, nevermind. Just forget about it for a while.

Okay, I'm going to post about my face cleanser. Well, I'm using FOLLOW ME Oil Control + Whitening. I've been using this cleanser since last year. I really, really love it. ^__^
Follow Me.... XD

I started using this cleanser last year. I really like it. When you wash it, it give the 'mint feel' on your face. 'Mint feel'?  You know what I mean. Haha ! It makes your face feel fresh.

The price is very affordable. It's very cheap. Hohoho. I love cheap stuff. XD The price is RM 10.50.   
1 tube last for more than a month. 

Snaping photos while doing my homework. XD

What it says:

  1. Sea Algae: Reduce excess sebum & unclogs pores.
  2. Tea tree oil: Reduce blemishes & appearance of large pores.
  3. Solar white C: For fairer skin & minimize pigmentation.
  4. Prebiotic: Stimulates & maintains balance of friendly bacteria on the skin.
What it say:
Works to deep cleansing your skin &
removing excess oil. It washes away
surface impurities, dirt & oil to reveal
a smoother & fairer complexion. It has a
non-drying effect on skin. Active ingredients
penetrate deeply under the skin to soothe
& clear away blemishes while strengthening
resistance to leave your skin feeling clean,
smooth & refreshing.

"Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever your are feeling, love yourself for feeling it."
-Thaddeus Golas


  1. My skin is very oily.  But, it became less oily after I start using this. Thanks FOLLOW ME ! .
  2. It makes my acne run away. XD
  3. It help my skin to be fairer too.
  4. Lastly, it reduce blemishes.
Well, FOLLOW ME have keep it promises. ^__^ I think I need to try FOLLOW ME Blackheads Remover. I really hate these blackheads on my skin. Errrgghhh !

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  1. wow thanks for sharing.

    love the product

    xx mooshi